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Senior Care Management and care coordination


How We Can Help With Care Coordination

"I Don't Know What to Do!"

I have heard this phrase thousands of times from family members who are faced with making healthcare choices for a senior loved one who is experiencing a healthcare crisis. 

 Mom or Dad or another senior friend or family member was living independently and doing just fine.  And then, there is a fall, or some other healthcare issue that brings them to the Emergency Room and/or hospital admission. There are going to be a lot of decisions to make prior to discharge and four out of five families don’t know what their choices are or what payment responsibilities are involved. 


 Mostly, they don’t know what questions to ask or how to interpret the answers. If you don’t live in the immediate area, the situation is even more stressful! How do you know who to trust to guide you through all this new decision making?

A Senior Care Manager who is familiar with area service providers can help you understand the differences in their service offerings and cost structures and take the stress of decision making off your mind. 

A Certified Senior Advisor understands more than just the services available. They are especially trained to understand all aspects of the aging process and can help you find the best “match” for your loved one. They understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of older adults.

When you are feeling overwhelmed with being thrust into taking on the role of care manager or caregiver, you should reach out to us. We will manage the process and make sure you and your family members are informed every step of the way. We will manage the multiple phone calls and changes to the care plan and be a trusted advocate for your senior.

Experience Matters

 I know you have several options for help but help comes in all kinds of packages.  

We are proud to be affiliated with the Society of  Certified Senior Advisors.  Learn more about what this means to you and what you can expect.